Rolls-Royce Phantom TB Gold Edition


Gold Trimmed Phantom

People seem to be obsessed with gold. First it was chunky gold jewelry, then gold watches and now they want to drape their coupes with this yellow metal. Timur Bozca has tried to give this luxury an all new meaning. He has come with a gold edition Rolls-Royce Phantom, dubbed Rolls-Royce Phantom TB Gold Edition, which will blind many with its shine.

Rolls-Royce has always been a matter of pride for the high-class society. Caking the coupe with gold will make it all the more eye-catching. The deadly combination of black and gold will make hearts skip a beat and jaws drop. Its gold-plated rims will make your eyes do a somersault in amazement. People will drool all over the coupe, every time its wheels rotate on the road.

True Call of Luxury

Timur, however, hasn't played or tweaked the tech specs of the Rolls Royce Phantom, but has merely given it a different looks. All the technical details remains the same as that of a normal Rolls-Royce Phantom.

The inside will be as eye-appealing and elegant as the outside. Rolls-Royce Phantom TB Gold Edition will shower the passengers with utmost comfort and make travel time fun. Businessmen and industrialists will be potential customers. Rolls-Royce Phantom gold edition is a true call of luxury, which will leave people in a state of awe with its beauty.