17.03.2014  |  Automotive

AutoShow Magazine Interviewed With Timur Bozca

AutoShow Magazine interviewed with Timur Bozca, creative director/CEO of Timur Bozca Design, to discuss the new Bozca Zest concept car.

Automotive design is an odd beast that usually ends up being a product of compromise and costs concerns after long hours in board meetings and design studios filled with creative minds that don’t always agree. One man, however, has broken that tradition and designed a car from the ground up to be a single entity, appealing to both the male and female buyer through specific design elements and featured content.

Timur Bozca is that man and his Bozca Zest conceptis a truly unique piece of automotive design. The philosophy behind the Zest is, according to Bozca, one of equality between the sexes and what each desires in a vehicle.